CRM Software; Fertilizer Software; Route Software; Submission / Contract Software; Work Order Software; Accounting Software; Estimation Software; Mowing Software; Snow Removal Software; Credit Card Payment Software; etc.

System Reliability

The software USoftCRM has been designed in conjunction with the company Ferti-Sol Plus which has over 50 years of experience in the field of green spaces and extermination. The purpose of this system is to maximize the opportunities in computer science for the management of business sales services that require optimization of its routes with its customers and has a high volume of customers. The system has been in place since 2015 and continues to evolve without replacing what is already already in place for those who prefer the old method.

What our customers look like:

Teronet Entretien

Service d'entretien Teronet


Groupe Ferti

Arrosages Simoneau

Arrosages Simoneau
Services Pro-Vert

Centre Horticole du Cap

Centre Horticole du Cap
Services Pro-Vert

Les Aménagements Lamontagne

Les Aménagements Lamontagne

Les Services René Harrisson

Les Services René Harrisson

Quebec Fertilisation

Quebec Fertilisation

Eco Verdure

Eco Verdure

Entretien Beau Terrain

Entretien Beau Terrain
(La Prairie)

G.T.L. Paysagiste

G.T.L. Paysagiste



Fertilisation Provost

Fertilisation Provost
Services Pro-Vert

And many more...
For them and every new customers, satisfaction guaranteed!

Demonstration / Trial Version

Free evaluation

Contact us and we will be happy to give you a remote demonstration of our software.

We are so convinced of the quality and usefulness of our system that we offer you an evaluation period up to 30 days 100% free. Some restrictions may apply.

Technical Specifications

Compatible with Windows 10

USoftCRM was designed at the very cutting edge of technology. NET Microsoft, and is based on an excellent foundation in a powerful MySQL database. USoftCRM can run on any Windows plateform and also works on Mac OS using Parallels or Remote Desktop.

In fact, it is possible to configure your environment to be able to use our software remotely anywhere in the world!

données cloud

Manage your production in real time on the road!

We offer you the ability to track and manage your real-time production with our web application for your technicians that can run on any plateform (iPhone, iPad, Samsung, mobile, etc.). Our web application allows you to:

  • display the work orders in an optimized order for the shortest route;
  • complete a work order and automatic getting the duration, the team, the vehicle's load, other services performed and the technicien's remark;
  • automatically charge the service once complete and automatically send the invoice to the customer by e-mail;
  • get directions to get to the customer based on the current position of the tablet;
  • manage your service calls and estimation requests;
  • paid locally by credit card (VISA and MasterCard);
  • visualize the technician of the route;
  • automatically send to the customer a service satisfaction form after finishing; and
  • many other features.
données cloud

Online access for your customers

Allow your customers to consult their record online from their cell phone or computer at any time! They could :

  • Manage their payment method: register their credit card or pre-authorized payment (PAP);
  • View and accept their proposals / contracts;
  • Offer them dynamic proposals:
    • which is automatically calculated according to their service selection;
    • which displays the proposed installments according to the total amount of services;
    • which specifies the methods of payment accepted;
    • which they can provide you with their instructions / comments directly in the proposal; etc.
  • View their invoices;
  • Pay their contract at the time of its approval or a due invoices;
  • See when each service was performed;
  • Evaluate the services executed; and
  • many more features to come...

The data is synchronized in real time with USoftCRM, so there is no need to enter the data yourself into the system.

Integration with the accounting system

Logiciel comptable Acomba

No matter what accounting system you use, you can easily create a single entry per month in your accounting system using the monthly closure and you're good to go. Everything is calculated in debit and credit for each general ledger (GL) account.

Logiciel de point de ventes (PoS)

Point of Sale (PoS) Software

Make sales directly to the counter with a barcode reader and automatic update your inventory.

Each transaction will be kept in the record of a customer designated for sale to the counter with history. Every invoice and payment can be synchronized in your accounting system Acomba.

In addition, you can make your transactions by credit card directly online via a magnetic card reader without the need of a device with subscription, as Moneris or Monetico!

Everything can be customized in the options of the company with access rights to the point of sales for the user connected to the system.

Brief Presentation of the System Modules

  • Management of customers and its contacts;
  • Management of customer properties;
  • Customer's address validation;
  • Automatic validation of a possible duplicate entry;
  • Search customers neighbors by street, city, postal code and proximity on the map;
  • Management of customer calls with follow-up;
  • Mass mailing and direct mail advertising;
  • Management of its surfaces and its trees and shrubs;
  • Management of its external documents directly into his card;
  • Fast and easy visualization of the cost of service offered according to the his information entered;
  • Quick access to all contracts, invoices, payments, etc.
  • Management of the credit cards and its preautorised payment information, all encrypted in the database;
  • Customer's bank: money set aside;
  • Customer's statement of account; and
  • Synchronizing customers with Acomba.
  • Contract management;
  • Mass generation of contracts according to your criteria;
  • Management of contract templates;
  • Management of contract proposals with customized display;
  • Management of the contract's services and service plans;
  • Management of the contract's invoices;
  • Generating service related invoices with the possibility of installments;
  • Generating contract's invoices with the possibility of installments;
  • Mass renewal of contracts with possibilité of increase;
  • Automatic renewal of desired contracts;
  • Management of external contract documents; and
  • Simple visualization of services versus invoices for balancing.
Service / Services Plan
  • Management of services of a service plan;
  • Management of work orders;
  • Management of the service surfaces;
  • Management of the service trees and shrubs;
  • Management of the service products with automatic update of the inventory;
  • Management of the service discounts;
  • Hourly rates, fixed amount, calculated by surface or calculated by trees and shrubs type of service;
  • Statistics estimated time versus actual time; and
  • Management of technician's notes.
  • Route optimization;
  • Management of dynamic routes;
  • Management of fixed routes;
  • Visualization of routes on a map with instructions; and
  • Generation of the "when needed" work orders for services such as snow removal.
  • Management of work orders;
  • Management of the execution teams with the team leader;
  • Management of the used vehicle's load;
  • Management of other services performed and products used;
  • Management of the conditions;
  • Automatic generation of invoices for services per hour when completed; and
  • Fast entry of the production with the 2D barcode reader.
  • Management of the invoices and its installments;
  • Customizing invoice details;
  • Link an invoice to a service for a delivery during the production;
  • Installments generator;
  • Fast entry of the invoice payment or of certain installments;
  • Management of the invoice payments;
  • Management of the invoice adjustments;
  • Mass invoice emailing or printing;
  • Reversing of an invoice;
  • Placing an invoice in the bad debts; and
  • Mass exportation of invoices in Acomba.
  • Management of payments and advance payments;
  • Automatic generation of credit card payments and pre-authorized payments;
  • Generation of the file used for pre-authorized debits according to the standards of the Canadian Payroll Association (CPA);
  • Payment deposits;
  • Payment excess placed in customer's bank or refund;
  • Management of the payment's credit card with data encryption;
  • Pay by credit card directly online without going through a device;
  • Send by Email and print the payment receipt with credit card transaction information;
  • Closure of months; and
  • Mass exportation of payments and advance payments in Acomba.
  • Automatic creation of payment deposits;
  • Printing the deposit slip for the bank deposit;
  • Distribution of amounts by type of payment: payment, prepayment, redemption by check, surplus put in the customer's bank, etc.
  • Mass exportation of deposits in Acomba as deposit, writing and check inscription according to the distribution of amounts; and
  • Formalization of advance payments in Acomba.
  • Management of adjustments;
  • Automatic creation of adjustments for insufficient funds (NSF);
  • Automatic creation of adjustments for bad debts;
  • Automatic creation of adjustments to simulate the advance payments as Acomba does not accept payment without invoice;
  • Creating a credit or an other invoice adjustment on any ledger account;
  • Detailed printout of the list of adjustments; and
  • Mass exportation of adjustments in Acomba.
  • Management of departments;
  • Management of employee schedules;
  • Team management;
  • Management of employees;
  • Management of access rights to the system;
  • Management of the employee's supplies / equipment;
  • Management of the employee's notes : absences, leave, etc.;
  • Management of the employee's external documents; and
  • Synchronization of employees and vendors with Acomba.
  • Vehicle management;
  • Management of reservoirs and their location;
  • Vehicle's cargo load with automatic update of the inventory; and
  • Vehicle's expenditure management.
  • Management of products: sales, cargo loading and fuel;
  • Management of product's transactions: purchase, use, transfer and sale;
  • Management of selling prices by quantity; and
  • Products and inventory synchronizing with Acomba.
Base Configuration
  • Instant display of the system language in English or French;
  • Management of companies with their own synchronisation;
  • Management branches with their own logo and color theme;
  • Management of bank accounts;
  • Management of security levels;
  • Management of pricing;
  • Management of options of the company and the customization fields;
  • Management of services / services plan;
  • Management of cities (8'438 presets), provinces / states (64 presets), countries, customer's languages and letters;
  • Management of ledgers accounts, taxes, tax groups, payment methods and discounts;
  • Importing ledger accounts from Acomba;
  • Management letter / emails templates;
  • Management of status and status categories of customers and calls;
  • Management of trees and shrubs, and equipment (machinery);
  • Management of services table of values;
  • Management of contract approval methods and cancellation reasons;
  • Management of external reports created with Crystal Reports;
  • History of creations, modifications, actions and deletion of all records;
  • Customization of the size of the windows, columns and columns order according to the user connected; and
  • Even more...

Usage example

USoftCRM was originally designed for green space management companies and extermination. However, it may well adapt to many other domains. Here is a list of examples of services that could be offered with this system:

  • Lawn treatment services;
  • Trees and shrubs treatment services;
  • Lawn mowing services;
  • Snow removal services;
  • Exterminating services;
  • Delivery services;
  • Trucking services;
  • Plumbing services;
  • Training services;
  • IT support and networking services;
  • In short, practically any sale services!

For more information, please contact us.